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MAAT Law is an international and Franco Italian Law Firm dedicated to companies and founded by Marika Devaux. Based in Lyon (France) and Turin (Italy), we will be your partners in your various projects in France, in Italy , we will be at your side in contracts law, distribution, competition, commercial litigation and arbitration.
We will elaborate the most efficient defence strategies according to your business, your values and needs.
Reactivity, dynamism and pragmatism will make us the best ally of your development.

Maat Law your partner for your international development

The skills of Marika Devaux go further than France and Italy: she advises you on your international commercial cases, thanks to her English skills and her worldwide network of partners.
In order to help you in the development of your business, Marika Devaux drafts your new contracts, assists you for your foreign setting-up and represents you in case of litigation.

Do you want to set-up abroad?
Do you wish to export abroad or, from abroad to France?
Do you have transalpine projects?

Marika Devaux - Votre Defense

Commercial litigation

Unfair competition, contract litigation.
Sudden termination of commercial relations.
Debt recovery.


Assistance and defence among arbitrary Courts (ad hoc or arbitration centres) in France and Italy.

Marika Devaux - Votre Projet


Creation and audit of distribution network in France, Italy or abroad. Drafting contracts.

Marika Devaux - Droit International

International Law

Italian Law, set-up of foreign company in France or in Italy. Drafting multilingual contracts.

The Law Firm

With her solid litigation experience, transboundary and international, her linguistic skills and her large network, Marika Devaux, Franco-Italian Attorney at Lyon’s and Torino’s Bar, is your best choice.

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Because it is essential for us that your Attorney is available and reactive, we assure you an answer’s delay in a maximum of 12 hours.